Fapemso Call For Another Lockdown

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Hard hitting socio-political program on television “FAPEMSO” driven by astute TV and radio personality C.O Sly have expressed concern about the poor adherence to Covid-19 precautionary measures in the buildup to the country’s parliamentary and presidential elections scheduled for December 2020.

C.O Sly was worried at the “high level of disregard” for the observance of Covid-19 protocols in the ongoing voters’ registration exercise.
In President Nana Addo’s 10th national broadcast on measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 he stated Ghana will adopt a phased approach, involving a selected list of public gatherings, based on their risk profile, socio-economic impact, and most importantly, the capacity to enforce and respond, in the event of a flair up in the number of infections, the electoral commission has since allowed to continue with the voter registration exercise amid the rise in cases.
But electorates at registration centres look adamant with the laid down protocols while some registration centres record chaotic scenes forgetting the deadly coronavirus and measures put in place to fight it.
FAPEMSO is therefore calling on authorities to rethink about the exercise and slap the country with another lockdown since Ghanaians do not want to adhere to the safety protocals to help curtail the virus.

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