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Advertise with us affords clients  the opportunity  to reach web users  across the world  with its unique products and services which come with  attractive

For further information, kindly contact us on [email protected] or call us on 0276610660 (Homebase TV) Online Ads Rate
PageAds Size and LocationDurationMonthly Fixed Rare (GHC)
Home page728 x 90 (Top Header Banner)14 daysghc 1,500
Home page300 x 250 (Right Side Banner)14 daysghc 1,000
News Page728 x 90 (Above Content Banner)10 daysghc 1,050
News Page728 x 90(Below Content Banner)10 daysghc 1,020
News Page728 x 90 (Inline Content Banner)10 daysghc 1,020
News Page300 x 300 (Inline Content Banner)10 daysghc 1,010
News Page600 x 400 (Inline Content Banner)21 daysghc 2000
News Page300 x 600 (Right Side Banner)10 daysghc 1,200
News Page336 x 280 (Right Side Banner)10 daysghc 1,010
News Page500 x 500 (Right Side Banner)14 daysghc 1,300

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