Enforcing Party’s Code Of Conduct Amidst Upcoming Primaries

Enforcing Party’s Code Of Conduct Amid Upcoming Primaries

The new patriotic party, in the wake of its upcoming presidential and parliamentary primaries, has taken a keen interest in enforcing and upholding the party code of conduct to its core effect. The party’s national council issued a code of conduct in 2021, which has begun to be useful ahead of the primaries.

A matter that has arisen within the party that is likely to deter them from achieving their goal, which is to break the eight, will be discussed. In the wake of this, the executives have ensured to enforce the code of conduct to its full course and effect. An interview granted by Hon. Ekow Vincent Assafuah on the 3rd of August has sparked issues that could be detrimental to the party and its upcoming primaries.

Hon. Hopeson Adorye
Hon. Hopeson Adorye

He gave out a comment that seems to endorse a parliamentary candidate’s ambitions, for which the executives of the party released a statement cautioning delegates and members from openly endorsing candidates. This act by Hon. Ekow Vincent Assafuah has awakened the wrath of the party executives to firmly ensure that the code of conduct will be used to its full effect henceforth. The host of the program, in view of the warding of issues for the honorable, gently reminded him of their code of conduct, which he blinked his eyes on and firmly threw his support to the presidential candidate hopeful.

This has been received as a deliberate breach of their conduct and has forced the executives to release a statement on August 17 regarding the outstanding issue. An unapproved health walk was held on that same day to show support for an aspirant, which is also deemed a breach, with Hon. Hopeson Adorye being one of the key speakers.

The health walk that was never approved by the party executives saw its participants also giving interviews. This is seen as a perpetuated act to breach the party’s code of conduct since it happens a few days after the executives issue a press statement to ward off such situations from happening.

The national steering committee was notified of this act on the 15th of August 2022,which has warranted the appearance of Hon. Hopeson Adorye and Hon. Ekow Vincent Assafuah before the national compliance committee due to their actions against the code of conduct.

The walk, titled “Aduro Wo So” was held in the name of Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng, which also pushed the executives to pen down current happenings for him. The party executives have once again reminded all aspirants of the party’s code of conduct.

The executives urged all followers and supporters of aspirants to keep their support internal so that they did not violate the code of conduct for their candidates and themselves. The party will enforce this code in order to get a united candidate and party for the 2024 elections so as to secure the victory they yearn for to break the eight-year deadlock.

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