[WATCH VIDEO] Nurse Claims Black Patients Are Being ‘Murdered’ with ‘Gross Negligence’ At NY Hospital Amid COVID-19 Crisis

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A nurse at a New York hospital treating coronavirus patients has called out the “negligent doctors” who she claims are “literally murdering” Black people.

In a shocking video shared on Facebook, the healthcare worker, identified by various media outlets

Nicole Sirotek, alleges patients are being “murdered and nobody cares”.

“I am literally telling you that they are murdering these people, and nobody will listen to me,” she said in the emotional video.



“They don’t care what is happening to these people. They don’t. I’m literally coming here every day and watching them kill them.”

“It’s like going in the f–king Twilight Zone. Like, everybody here is okay with this.”

As noted by TooFab, whenever she tries to raise the alarm about how patients are being treated, “Nobody cares because they’re all minorities and we’re in the f—ing hood,” she said, breaking into tears. “And that’s just not okay.”

She compares the medical murder to Jews being led to gas chambers in Nazi Germany, and lists all the people she has watched die at the hands of staffers— none of them from the deadly coronavirus.

She describes trying to tell an anesthesiologist they had obviously intubated one patient incorrectly, “cause like literally only one side of his f–king chest is inflating”; after waiting five hours for an X-ray to confirm what she already knew, he died.

She laughs in disbelief as she describes a resident doctor start chest compressions on a second patient who already had a stable heart rate, “which is not what you do”.

“I run in there to stop him doing chest compressions on somebody with a f–king pulse,” she recalled. Instead the doctor decides to use the defibrillator. “He f–king defibrillates him and kills him,” Sirotek claimed.

She said she desperately ran to get the director of nursing to try stop the blatantly incorrect procedure. “The director of nursing just shook his head, and I turned around, and he killed the dude.”

A third patient she describes having his lungs filled with tube feeding after a nurse misplaced a nasogastric tube.

Another nurse she said confused a long-acting insulin with a short-acting insulin, “gave 30 units of the fast-acting insulin and killed the guy.”

In a sixth incident she describes how a nurse fell asleep while supposed to be monitoring a patient’s levels. “Her norepinephrine ran out and the guy had no f–king blood pressure, and didn’t profuse his brain, and now I’m pretty sure he’s brain dead.”

The hospital horror doesn’t end there. Hear/watch more from the nurse about what’s really going down inside some of these hospitals amid reports that Black folks are allegedly dying the most from COVID-19.

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