Operation Burn The Books: GES Under Pressure To Drop Books Containing Stereotype Against Ewes

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The protests on social media will be getting to the main gates of Ghana Education Service (GES) today as Voltarians and their sympathizers are ready to take action to ensure primary books containing stereotypes against the Ewes are dismissed and completely obliterated from basic schools.

The Ewes, hailing from the Volta Region of Ghana have shown their disappointment after “The History of Ghana, Text Book 3” which was approved by GES to be used by all schools has been proved to have some offensive words downplaying on the Ewes

In the book, there is a page dedicated to “a song that shows the Ewes Identity” with lines such as “I have an attitude to show love especially to my people”,

“If you can speak my language and you step on my toe, I am not bothered”

“People say I’m inward-looking, but that is what they think”

“I am very good especially to my people”

These teachings found in the primary book have been highlighted and posted on social media by many individuals who find it offensive and unfair to the Ewe tribe. Its affiliates believe it is an agenda against them

More other publications have surfaced indicating that ‘The History of Ghana, Text Book 3” is not the only book with information creating unfavourable images of Ewes in the minds of young students.

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Badu Nkansah Limited, the publisher of ‘The History of Ghana” has released a press statement that seeks to explain how those books got into the schools. They stated that the books in question were undergoing review after the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NACA), had mentioned a few things that need to be reviewed but unfortunately, “a limited quantity of the unpublished draft found its way to the market”. The publication company has assured Ghanaians that they are working on clearing the unedited versions from the market.

The apology seems unsatisfactory to the “Concerned Ewe Youth” whose members are rapidly growing on Twitter, and they plan to march to the Ghana Education Service in Accra to voice out their displeasure.


Source: Jean Aryee | Hbtvghana.com

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