Kidney Health 2021: Living Well With Kidney Disease

Living Well With Kidney Disease

Living Well With Kidney Disease

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Kidney Disease is increasing worldwide and has become one of the major health concerns across the globe. Each year, on March 11, people all over the world celebrate World Kidney Day. Today is no exception as the World Kidney Day Steering Committee has declared 2021, the year of “Living Well with Kidney Disease”.

This declaration is necessary in order to empower and support all patients living with kidney disease as well as their care providers especially during this pandemic and other challenging periods. This year’s theme “Living Well with Kidney Disease” also aims to create awareness and educate people about effective kidney symptom management.

Kidney diseases are grouped in two forms; Acute or Chronic Kidney Disease. The leading causes of Chronic Kidney Disease include blood pressure and diabetics.

According to a Senior Lecturer and Treasurer of the Ghana Kidney Association, Perditer Okyere, “Living Well with Kidney Disease” involves patients’ self-control and self-management strategies such as reducing salt intake, controlling blood sugar and blood pressure, avoiding obesity, eating healthy diets, and exercising.

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But the current treatment and management in kidney disease neglect all these and other patients’ involvement issues. People living with kidney disease, therefore, see treatment as being imposed, out of their control, and a form of punishment.

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In essence, this year’s theme, “Living Well with Kidney Disease” focuses particularly on patients and aims to provide effective ways to engage them in actively participating in the treatment and management of the disease.

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This decision will go a long way to improve patient empowerment and involvement as well as establish patients’ self-control and self-management to inspire their confidence and hope that they can “Live Well with Kidney diseases”.


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