I’d Rather Spend My Money On Prostitutes Than Pay Your Tuition Fee – Kennedy Agyapong Replies Daughter

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I’d Rather Spend My Money On Prostitutes Than Pay Your Tuition Fee – Ken Agyapong Replies Daughter

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has vowed never to pay the tuition fee of his daughter Anell Agyapong again regardless of the number of apologies she renders.

His comment comes barely a day after Anell begged him for forgiveness.

“She’s begging me to pay her tuition fees again or what? Do you know the number of times I’ve forgiven her? I’ve just not made it public,” he said in his preliminary statement on Atinka TV, Monday.

It would be recalled that the legislator in a live radio interview made some wild and unexpected revelations about his daughter who, according to him, dropped out of school and has been disowned.

He is quoted to have said that Anell Agyapong had become a drug addict and a prostitute.

“…What hurts me about this whole thing is that during that semester, I had already paid $42,000 within three weeks into the semester, she said she won’t continue the schooling. When her Chinese roommate went to check on her, she told me my daughter had sniffed several hounds of cocaine. She’s with the whites who sleep with her because of her addiction.”

But mother of Anell Agyapong, Moira Dawson-Williams who was unimpressed with the Assin Central lawmaker’s outburst also in a Facebook live denied some accusations that were levelled against her daughter.

She threatened to curse Kennedy Agyapong and his generation and also expose him for disgracing her daughter. Ms Dawson-Williams said, “…Ken Agyapong, I don’t want anything from you. I just want you to go back to your cubicle at Oman FM, and use that your same tongue and eat back your words else I will come back online and curse your children…exact words you used I’ll use it for your children…I know about at least one of your daughters, who live in your house at New Jersey and sniffs that white substance…”

Unenthused about the media banter between her parents, Anell Agyapong on the occasion of Father’s Day has, in an attempt to reach her father’s heart, posted an emotional message pleading for his forgiveness.

While admitting her wrongs, Anell wrote in a Facebook post that her waywardness has tarnished her father’s images in ways she did not intend and as it stands, she has turned over a new leaf.

Her message read in part: “My waywardness has become the cause of your ridicule, which can tarnish your integrity and image, and I implore your forgiveness. I’ve made better choices now and will continue to…Happy Father’s Day.”

But the legislator in response said if the apology is bait, he will not fall for it.

“I don’t understand what forgiveness means. What is forgiveness? Let people learn from their mistakes. If she has realized how the world, she has a life to live. What else? If it’s about me paying the tuition fee, I won’t. I’d rather use the money on a prostitute who has HIV/AIDS and contract the disease than pay her tuition fee. Because before I die of AIDS, I’d have satisfaction,” he remarked.


Source: Ghanaweb

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