Covid-19, Banking Sector Reforms And Borla Levies Raising Eyebrows

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The state of the nation as presented by His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo and subsequently the interim finance minister, Honorable Osei Kyei Bonsu presenting the budget statement to parliament on 12th March 2021 outlined many policies for the nation including COVID-19 levy, banking sector reform levy, and “borla” levy .

In the budget statement, he outlined a number of projects completed by the Akuffo Addo’s administration and spoke about the countries total debt pegging at 291.614 billion cedis and debt to G.D.P at 71%

He mentioned some new taxes to be imposed on the citizenry such as the COVID-19 levy, banking sector reform levy, and “borla” levy which are to be introduced and paid by the ordinary Ghanaian with time.

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Since the presentation of the budget to Parliament last Friday, there has been public outcry and diverse opinions on its necessity. Some citizens complain bitterly because there is hardship in the system and do not understand why the government keeps increasing and introducing taxes but have very little to show for it

Are these taxes really necessary when people are already complaining of severe hardship?


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