I Personally Didn’t Expect That – Afari Gyan Reveals And Causes Massive Stir

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The former electoral commissionerAfari Gyan while speaking with the media made some powerful statements or declarations which have since gone viral.

The former electoral commissioner whiles speaking to the media concerning the much-awaited election petition results stunned Ghanaians.

Elections in Ghana have been referred to as an election without transparency and full of favouritism and this is because every new set of government appoints their own electoral commissioner.

This makes people doubt the competence of electoral commissioners and makes them believe that there’s a possibility that these persons are sometimes not faithful to the country.

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Afari Gyan whiles defending himself and denouncing these allegations revealed that there is no such thing. Electoral commissioners do their work just as they have sworn by oath to do and any other information should be disregarded.

Speaking today to the media on his opinions and observations, he stated: “We are at court once again, and I personally didn’t expect that, what I first expected in the early hours of the election collation was a close margin.”

He revealed that he had no idea about how the outcome of the election petition was going to be but was positive that the Supreme Court would do their work just like they always have.

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