PPE’s To Save Patients Being Sold -Konoba Nana Boadu

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The government and other NGOs have distributed over 2000 PPE’s to various healthcare centres around the country to ensure the safety of health workers and citizens from contracting the deadly coronavirus.

In a recent video made by Anas Aremeyaw and his team, the Eye went undercover to fish out crook personnels selling PPE’s for hospital use to people for money, however, putting the lives of their colleagues in danger.

PPE's To Save Patients Being Sold -Konoba Nana Boadu
PPE’s To Save Patients Being Sold -Konoba Nana Boadu

The Vice President of the Citizen Eye Ghana (CITEG), Konoha Nana Boadu said that” Ghana was not just formed by chance and so Ghanaians with the habit of retarding the state should inculcate the behavior of contributing to the development and betterment of the country.

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Speaking to C.O Sly on the Eboboba morning show he said, looking at the raising issues concerning how PPE’s are been sold at hospitals by some hospital staff is very uncalled for.

Again the rapid number of people who die out by the outbreak of COVID 19, the government have given out these PPE’S to save lives of patients yet some inhumane behavior of these staff go behind closed doors selling them out and all these people must be brought to book to face the law with no mercy.

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The pharmacist whom was caught in the act selling PPE’S to patients is not the only one in the act but there is someone at the top who is masterminding the whole action.

“What is happening in the hospital is not just happening with no influence but under the influence of a big guy at the top.”.

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