Tro-Bu Roads Has Improved From 9%-30% – Hon Moses Anim

Tro-Bu Roads Has Improved From 9%-30% - Hon Moses Anim

Tro-Bu Roads Has Improved From 9%-30% - Hon Moses Anim

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Member of parliament for Tro-Bu constituency, Hon. Moses Anim has said that during his term in office, the roads of Tro-Bu has increased from 9% to 30%.

In an interview on Anɔpabɔfoɔ with Captain Smart, he explained that the people of Tro-Bu’s issue has always been roads and drainage systems and under the leadership of the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, he has helped eliminate some of these problems with the help of the one million one constituency initiative.

He also added, that upon assumption of office, it was his plan to move from the Ga West Municipality to their own and graciously, there been able to have their own municipal as the Ga North Municipality which has contributed to the numerous development in the communities.

“We realized our problem was roads and drainage so our 1million per constituency allocation was diverted into them…go to a town like Noon Ayii, there is stagnant water in the middle of the town…because they allowed development to overtake planning…we are working on the drainage systems, as they have been hand over to the Coastal belt for procurement to be done” he added.

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He further indicated that his common fund has been structured into education, health, and other activities.

“We saw a challenge in our children’s B.E.C.E, myself and one Mr Abu, the then Municipal Director of Education..he made me are that to get results, we need to do more standardized mock exams, and we quickly set up the examiners in the area to form a team to set standard exams and since then..I’ve been sponsoring from my common fund”.

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