National Security Minister Promises Violence Free Election

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The National security minister Mr. Kan Dapaa today briefed parliament on the state of security in our country and his preparedness as a national security minister towards the coming Dec, 7 polls. He promised the august house and Ghana as a whole that the security agencies will ensure a free and fair as well as a violence-free election.

Mr. Dapaa said he is elated and encouraged by the activities of the security and intelligence. He indicated that looking at the preparedness of the security agencies he is convinced that there will be a free and fair election.

The Minister elaborated that, ” anyone who will engage in violent activity will be dealt with and they will not take into consideration who you are”.

Moreover, he assured Ghanaians that the National Elections Security tasks force are ready to provide adequate security against potential Electoral violence and all other acts of lawlessness are ready to protect be protected.

National Security Minister Promises Violence Free Election
National Security Minister Promises Violence Free Election

The National security minister couldn’t have ended his briefing without talking about the secessionist group which was advocating for an independent Western Togo land from 25th September, 2020. Which he emphatically stated that the State Security and intelligence responded effectively in dealing with the threats posed by the Western Togo land Restoration Front.

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He then again talked about the three Takoradi girls who were kidnapped from August 17th to 21st December, 2018.
According to him, the kidnapping issue has remained one of the most daunting security challenges to have confronted the nation.

He said an investigation ongoing led to the arrest of the two accused persons standing trials for the suspected murder of the girls.

The brutal murder of the renowned Investigative Journalist Ahmed Suale has also been one of the issues which the ministry is still concern about. He indicated that the case is yet to be cracked.

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