Multiple Land Sales To End Under The Auspices Of Henry Quartey

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Honorable Henry Quartey has expressed a great misgiving over the dishonest acts of multiple land sales by landowners during his vetting for the Greater Accra Regional ministerial position yesterday

He said he had noticed the canker this act has become, and he is willing to work with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Lands and commission, and the various traditional council and other stakeholders to bring to an end the sales of lands to more than one person. He also mentioned that the issue of land guards harassing actual owners will be dealt with once given the nod.

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The land discussion was aroused when Mr. Sampson Ahi, belonging to the National Democratic Party (NDC), member of parliament for Bodi, questioned his plans for minimizing the activities of land guards which has made it difficult for people to permanently own land without putting up a fight

Besides multiple land sales and their accompanying issues, Mr. Henry Quartey talked about measures he was going to take to end perennial flooding and coastal erosion, improving sanitation and job creation in the capital.


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