Shocking – C/R: Misinformed Parents Rushed To Pick Their Wards From School Over Covid-19 Vaccination Fears

C/R: Misinformed Parents Rushed To Pick Their Wards From School Over Covid-19 Vaccination Fears

C/R: Misinformed Parents Rushed To Pick Their Wards From School Over Covid-19 Vaccination Fears

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Parents whose children attend the Asafora Catholic Basic School yesterday morning stormed the school’s premises to pick their children from school over the alleged Covid-19 vaccination.

According to a source who spoke to the author on condition of anonymity said, the parents went to the school to pick their wards without the permission of the headteacher or any teacher.

Speaking to a teacher at Asafora town regarding this matter, the teacher said they were having a meeting as a teaching body.

The teacher continued that, as a normal practice during their meetings, one of the teachers decided to go round to ascertain whether all students were in their various classes. To his surprise, most classes were left with about five students each or less.

According to the source, when the teacher was checking on the students, one parent stormed the school shouting on top of her voice “Give me my child to take home, I don’t need any Covid-19 vaccination”, the source told this author.

The source said the headteacher and the entire teaching staff got wind of the issue.

According to the source, from kindergarten to about class three, almost all the pupils were withdrawn by their parents.

Investigations by the teachers revealed that, during the previous day, it was rumoured that, the community information centre had announced government intends to embark on a coronavirus vaccine.

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Information centres have become part of the Ghanaian community, especially in small towns and villages.

The operators of these information centres in some communities have become think gods and normally spread half-truths and outright lies as has happened to residents of Asafora.

I’m by this bringing to the attention of the authorities of the Ghana Education Service and Ghana Health Service to as a matter of urgency go to the community to assuage the fears of parents.

Additionally, the Police Service must act swiftly to arrest the operator of the Information Centre and the announcer of news which had resulted in this unfortunate situation.

Covid-19 vaccines haven’t arrived in Ghana let alone being distributed to schools for mass vaccination of school children.

Let all of us observe the Covid-19 protocols and stop spreading wrong information that has the tendency of scaring the entire community.

Asafora town is a farming community within the Mfantsiman Municipality of the Central Region.

It is about some fifteen minutes drive from Biriwa which is a fishing community along the Mankessim and Cape Coast highway.

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