Married men with baby mamas should have boundaries – Miss Tourism Universe Ghana


Priscilla Bossman-Pinkrah, Miss Tourism Universe Ghana, has asserted that married men who have baby mamas should have their limits.

According to her, once one party is married, there should be an agreement between both parties that the only person who can bring them together is their child.

She believes doing this will give both of them a healthy and peaceful relationship to bring up the child.

Speaking to Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on e.TV Ghana’s Girl Vibes show, she emphasized, “If I have a child with you when you’re already married, then I think we should both come to an agreement and a conclusion that the only thing that brought us together is our child. And decisions should be made and centered on the child.”

According to her if this is done, the couple will not have to interfere in each other’s private lives, and so much information will not be shared amongst them.

Citing an example she said, “Assuming the baby mama calls the man in the middle of the night, it could destroy his relationship with his wife. The baby mama is only allowed to call the man if only it has something to do with the child.”

She insisted that anything apart from the child’s well-being is unnecessary and should not be entertained.