EC Warned against “Garbage in, Garbage out’’ – Mr. Prince Ofosu Sefah

EC Warned against "Garbage in, Garbage out’’ – Mr. Prince Ofosu Sefah

EC Warned against "Garbage in, Garbage out’’ – Mr. Prince Ofosu Sefah

Chairman of the Diaspora Patriots in Ghana, Mr. Prince Ofosu Sefah has warned Ghanaians against what he termed “Garbage in, Garbage out” in regards to the upcoming Voters’ Registration slated for 30th June, 2020 by the Electoral Commission.

Mr. Sefah, who is also the Deputy Director General of Operations, at the National Communication Authority (NCA) submitted that,

Ghanaians are fully in support the Electoral Commission making sure that we have a clean and fair elections in Ghana, which is based in part on a more credible Voters Register.

He said that it is a demonstrated fact to all that our Voters Register is bloated, based on population statistics and comparable Register statistics from Nigeria and Kenya, which have 43% and 42% of their population in their Register. Ghana, on the other hand, has 56%, a statistical impossibility, he said.

He warned that if we allow the old Voters ID Cards to be used, it will lead to an ICT syndrome called “Garbage in, Garbage out”. This syndrome will occur, according to him, because the old Cards may have been obtained by non-citizens because the previous EC an illegal (NHIS) ID to be used for Registration purposes, without even recording the Card Numbers.


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So, allowing the use of the corrupted old Voters IDs for validation will logically reintroduce garbage data into the new Register.

These things were revealed to RSM Kofi Doe Lawson during a one-on-one interview on major news; D)T)K3SE3 ASE KASE3 on Homebase TV.

According to Mr. Sefah, all hands must be on deck in making sure a new Register will lead to the betterment of multi-party democracy in Mother Ghana.

He expressed confidence that with vouching for up to 10 persons by one Registered Voter allowed by the new C.I. 126, which governs the next Elections, no valid voter will be disenfranchised.

He expressed repeated beliefs that in the near-future, Ghanaians everywhere and foreign Nationals living in Ghana will have a proper Base ID – the Ghana Card, like exists in all advanced countries so that the Voters Register and Registration will no longer be a political football.

ROPAA, which is a law to allow Ghanaians abroad, like Senegal and other countries have done for many years, can then be safely implemented.

And, elections will then be mainly a battle over strategies and programs to win more votes, not in part over Voters Register.