Volta Secessionist Attacks: Kan Dapaah Should’ve Been Fired – Adam Bonah

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A Security Analyst, Adam Bonah, says the National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah, should be fired for not able to handle the secessionist tensions in the Volta Region.

“When you go to our National Security Minister, for me, I think that he should have been fired because he is superintending over this chaos,” Mr. Bonah said on The Big Issue.

In a further call for accountability, he also says the Attorney General should have provided Ghanaians with reasons why some arrested separatists were freed in 2019.

“Let me just say I think that by now the Attorney General should be responding to why these people were freed. The AG hasn’t told us anything. So we don’t know where Papavi is. The AG represents Ghana in terms of legal issues and should tell us what happened.”

Volta Secessionist Attacks: Kan Dapaah Should've Been Fired – Adam Bonah
Volta Secessionist Attacks: Kan Dapaah Should’ve Been Fired – Adam Bonah

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He added that the Speaker of Parliament should have called for an emergency sitting for the ministers whose office has something to do with the situation, like the MPs and the Security Minister, to provide Ghanaians with answers on how they are handling the situation with the Western Togoland secessionists.

The Security Analyst believes if the separatists had been monitored over the years, proper advice could have been given to the leadership of this country.

“Some of us were expecting that at least, we have what I call institutional memory of these people. They just didn’t spring up from anywhere, they started from somewhere. So the idea is that the technocrats, the politicians will come and go but you will have a certain Chief Director or you know, the people who still work around this.”

His comments come on the back of recent disturbances in the Volta Region by some members of the secessionists’ group, Homeland Study Group.

The group has made a number of attempts to push for the secession of parts of the Volta Region from Ghana for the creation of a Western Togoland.

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