SHS Student Goes Crazy

SHS Student Goes Crazy

SHS Student Goes Crazy

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SHS girl goes crazy after she plainly proposed to her teacher.

She was admiring her teacher secretly but decided to finally let it out, as she, but the teacher who is morally upright turned her down.

Teacher-student relationship reports in this Country have always been the teacher harassing the female students, but this turned out differently.

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Here, a female student in a series of chats proposed to her teacher and did the unthinkable as well.

In a Couple of Whatsapp Chats between the teacher and the female student, it is seen that the student proposes to the male teacher which he initially took as a prank but the female student takes it to a new level and even curses the teacher for refusing to engage in such acts with her.

Here are some details and proofs of what actually went on:

SHS Student Goes Crazy
SHS Student Goes Crazy

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