See The Shocking Moment River god Returns after Otumfuo Orders The Demolishing of Bantemahene’s Stores -WATCH VIDEO

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Undoubtedly, residents including the Construction workers and traders at the Race Course Market in Kumasi was amazed after seeing a ‘river god‘; stray giant crocodile, came out from the swamp of the Subin River on Thursday afternoon last week.

Unknown to the traders, the reptile was taking cover outside its habitat in an area very close to their stalls, after the course of the river was diverted and portions of it filled with sand to make way for the construction of stores at the market by the Bantamahene.

The head of the Kronti Division of the Ashanti Kingdom was dragged before the King after a delegation of sub-chiefs sent to the Race Course Market came back with confirmation that he had encroached parts of the land and also diverted the course of the Subin River for his private gain.

The Bantamahene was said to have forcefully taken over parts of the Race Course land for the construction of shops; he has also filled portions of the Subin River with sand and diverted its course, this portal reported last Wednesday.

An earthling machine was also desilting the choked river; it was during this exercise that the giant crocodile, obviously feeling disturbed or threatened, emerged from hiding and headed towards its original habitat; the source of the river.

Many onlookers suspected that it was the river god that had revealed itself to register its displeasure at the attitude of the Bantamahene.

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