Police arrest 11 in connection with Manso-Dadease killing

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Ashanti Regional Police Crime Officer, ACP Felix Kwasi Cosmos, says they have arrested eleven persons in connection with Manso-Dadease shooting and killing incident.

The eleven picked up are all males and have been arrested as suspects in the killing of some two-persons and injuring one in what is said to be a robbery attack at Manso-Dadease in the Amansie South District of Ashanti Region.

ACP Kwasi Cosmos says the 11 were arrested with a tip-off from an informant in the area.

“So far, we have picked up about 11 suspects due to a tip-off from an informant in the area. We are going to screen them and then we will take it from there”.


Reports say as about 7:00 pm on May 18, 2020, the police in the Manso Nkwanta area received a distress call from the community that some armed people are shooting indiscriminately.

The police proceeded to the community and found two bodies including a 60-year-old driver of the Amansie District Chief Executive of the Amansie South District Kojo Banahene.

Armed with AK-47 assault rifles, the robbers pursued their target who is a gold dealer.

The robbers demanded he hands over gold and cash in his possessions.

Elvis Aning who survived the attack said the robbers demanded he hands over gold and cash in his possessions.

“I was evaluating my daily sales when at about 7: 40, three armed stoutly built men entered my office uninvited.

“Two of them carried guns and another wielded a machete. They ordered me to lie on the floor; I obeyed. Then they ordered me to hand over gold and cash.

“My safe was not locked so one of them opened it and took everything away. All the while, one of them manned the gate outside.

“I lost, in all, about 26,000, made up of four pounds of raw gold valued at about ¢10,000 and cash of ¢16,000,” he told Joy News.

The bodies of the three have been deposited at the St Martin Hospital at Agoroyesum pending investigation.

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