Madina NPP Constituency Chairman Rates Ken Ofori Atta Best Finance Minister

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The Madina constituency chairman of the new patriotic party has rated the Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta as the best finance minister Ghana has ever had since independence.

Commenting on the mid-year budget review, the outspoken NPP chairman
Mr. Nartey Yeboah Eric who popularly knowns as, Chairman Dollar, said the current finance minister, Ken Ofori Atta, apart from his demonstrable, understanding of the subject of finance he is very practical as well. Chairman dollar, therefore, commended the Minister for his excellent performance.

He stated that the economy of Ghana as inherited by the NPP in 2017 was already in a coma at the intensive care unit ready to be moved to the land of the dead, but the timely intervention of the finance minister normalized everything.

Madina NPP Constituency Chairman Rates Ken Ofori Atta Best Finance Minister
Madina NPP Constituency Chairman Rates Ken Ofori Atta Best Finance Minister

He elaborated that the performance of the NPP led administration seems like a “miracle because the economy under the NDC couldn’t employ people into the public sector, under Ex-president Mahaha the economy couldn’t pay trainee nurses and teachers allowances. According to Mr. Nartey, he said the able and competent administration under Nana Addo with the help of the excellent Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta has been able to organize itself in less than 3years to start free SHS, install all trainee allowances and reopen public sector employment to employ thousands of unemployed graduates.

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The Madina chairman further noted that NPP finance minsters have always outperformed their NDC counterparts since the 4th republic. He noted that the combined Economic management teams of the NDC from 1993 to 2000 forced the Ghanaian economy to HIPC and that was rescued by Yaw Osafo Marfo and others after the 2000 elections.

The NDC after winning power in 2008 sent the economy to its knees again and by 2016 the economy was in a coma, that is why the people of Ghana kicked them out in 2016. Within three years of NPP administration, the economy is back and doing well in the global market place.

He noted that Ken Ofori Atta stands out of all finance ministers of the country due to is his ability to control the economy at a time when all global economies are shrinking and continue to do great things that the NDC could not do even when there was no global economic crisis.

He cited the free water supply, free electricity, tax waivers, and other stimulus packages introduced by the government in the crisis era.

“One would have suspected that during the pandemic free SHS, and trainee allowances would come to a haunt; but rather spending on education became even bigger, the government paid registration fees for all final year students, provided PPEs for schools and disinfected all schools, in a time when things are hard all over the world, this could only be done by a great thinker”

He eulogized the finance minister for announcing an insurance package for all workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Chairman Dollar called on Ghanaians to ignore the deceitful campaign by the NDC and vote massively for the NPP in the coming elections to continue with the good works of transforming the country.


By Obaapa Shiela Naana Frimpomaa

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