LPG Threatens Massive Demonstration Against Mandatory Towing Levy

LPG Threatens Massive Demonstration Against Mandatory Towing Levy

LPG Threatens Massive Demonstration Against Mandatory Towing Levy

The Liberal Party of Ghana- LPG and its executives led by a former parliamentary candidate for Agona East Constituency Honourable Samuel Aryeequaye have threatened to stage a massive demonstration across the country if government approves and begins the implementation of the newly imposed mandated towing levy.

Following the 2021 budget presented to parliament by the majority leader and minister in charge of parliamentary Affairs, Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu on behalf of the then Finance Minister-Designate Hon. Ken Ofori-Atta in February this year, there has been public outcry on the introduction of some four new taxes to be imposed on Ghanaians to pay

These new taxes, the Sanitation and Pollution Levy, Mandated Towing Levy, Banking Sector Levies, Covid-19 Levy were introduced by the Akufo-Addo’s government in the budget.

Parliament approved these new taxes and implementation yet to commence across the country
But the Liberal Party of Ghana-LPG has spoken against the Mandated Towing Levy releasing a press statement against its implementation and a subsequent demonstration if government goes ahead with the implementation and collection.

In view of the press statement, ‘GHANA SE SEN’ a current Affairs program aired on Homebase tv interviewed Samuel Aryeequaye a former parliamentary candidate for Agona East Constituency and president of the Young Liberals of Ghana, and he stated that the move is to let the government hear their call to abrogate the implementation of the mandated towing levy.

In his submission, he pointed out some levies that were introduced but were cancelled due to public outcry. He mentioned a luxurious car levy which was introduced and cancelled in less than a year to its implementation. He said that when the luxurious car levy was cancelled, monies collected from citizens were not refunded back to them.

According to him, the habit of successive governments abandoning levies and projects initiated by erstwhile administrations is a nuisance to the Economy of the state.

In his submission, he suggested that like the United States of America is doing, government should import towing cars into the country to ply all our high and busy streets. This, he said when done will help the quick towing of broken-down vehicles from our roads. He explains, when the broken vehicle is towed from the road, the owner will be invited to the office of the towing car to pay for the Service done to them.

He further explains that depending on the size of the towed car, the government charges a fee. Government will generate funds from this initiative rather than imposing a mandatory towing levy on all Ghanaians when not all Ghanaians have cars he alluded.

The former parliamentary aspirant further stated that street cameras must be functional and properly monitored to arrest careless drivers and drivers who recalcitrantly jump red traffic lights. These culprits must be fined to create funds for the government and this will deter other road users to be more careful on our roads.
There should be an instituted towing offices at vantage points of the country which he said will create jobs for drivers, towing officials, and mechanics and will address the unemployment issues in the country.

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He concluded that the Liberal Party of Ghana-LPG in their 2020 manifesto declared the fixing of all roads in Ghana and constructing dual carriage roads to prevent the numerous head-on collision that is becoming rampant on our roads taking previous lives

Source: Franklin Cadwell