Alliance “Let The Kids Go Home”- Pleads With Gov’t

"Let the Kids Go Home"- Right to Alliance Pleads with Gov't

"Let the Kids Go Home"- Right to Alliance Pleads with Gov't

Right to Alliance, think thank, appeals to the government to close down all schools following reported cases of COVID-19 in Senior High Schools.

In a press release issued on the 16th of July, 2020, they stated that the government can use the continuous assessment to grade the student to enable them to continue their academic ladder.

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According to the Director of communication, Michael Sumaila Nlasia, he stated that the government should adopt virtual new strategies rather than risking the lives of the children.

“Continuous assessment, we believe is an assured way to assess these students into higher learning. In any case, how does the Ghana Education Service (GES) intend to promote continuing students in other levels in the educational sector?

We are at sea why government is bent on conducting B.E.C.E and WASCCE examination as an academic requirement to higher learning than the health of the students. Obviously, the examination is portions of lessons taught and expected to be reproduced by students, so why the necessity to conduct final exams. Indeed, there’s been examples of countries closing down schools after reopening due to further spread of the disease in schools, whiles Nigeria, our neighboring West African country has held on to the conducting of WASCCE examinations.”

School resumes after the three months of the closedown of school, the government gave the directive for final year students to resume and complete their final academic work.

"Let the Kids Go Home"- Right Alliance Pleads with Government
“Let the Kids Go Home”- Right to Alliance Pleads with Government

The government’s directive on students to stay in school and promised them that the necessary measures will be put in place to control the spread of the disease.

The Right to Alliance  “calls on the government to conduct mass testing on the various campuses and allow students who test negative to go home and isolate positive cases to avoid the mass spread of COVID-19 among students and the communities”.