Illegal Chainsaw Operators Remand

Illegal Chainsaw Operators Remand

Illegal Chainsaw Operators Remand

BONO REGION ( DORMAA AHENKRO ) – Circuit court of Dormaa Ahenkro in the Bono region has been given bail to five illegal chainsaw operators who were arrested on the 25th January 2021.

Meanwhile, only two (Sarfo Louis, 20 years, and Gideon Appiah 22 years) out of five meet the bail conditions and three (Hamza Mohammed, 19, Shadrach Tetteh, 30 years, and Stephen Kollam) of them couldn’t meet the bail condition were remanded at Sunyani prisons.

The bail condition was thirty thousand Ghana cedis and two casualties each.

The Dormaa forestry division on the 25th of January arrested five illegal chainsaw operators in the Mpameso forest reserve at Santaso portion in the Dormaa West district.

The five were arrested apprehended by the forestry service task force together with the military when suspects were operating in the Mpameso forest reserve.

The District manager of the Dormaa forestry division Mr. Ebenezer Mensah in an interview with the media said it is very worried about how some courts hold the cases.

According to him, most of the illegal chainsaw operators are destroying the forest zones across the country.

He also added that sometimes the illegal chainsaw operators attack the forestry officers when they are doing their normal duties such as going for inspections.

He, therefore, appealed to the chiefs and individuals residing along the forest zones to fight against illegal chainsaw operators.

Furthermore, he also urged the chiefs and politicians who are always behind these illegal chainsaw activities to end such activities.

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Various forest reserves like Mpameso forest reserve will surely destroy like Pamu Berekum forest reserve if proper measures are not in place.

The manager mentioned that the Chainsaw operators normally target the most expensive and scarce trees which are even the forestry officers are not allowed to touch. Example Mahogany, Odum, Sapele among others.


Report by Ebenezer Berfi, B/A |