Fameye: I Don’t Smoke Weed But I Can Eat That With ‘Waakye’

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Famous Ghanaian hiplife artiste, Fameye has stated the multiple ways he uses marijuana which is good for his health.


Fameye, in an interview on Kantanka TV, declared that, he does not smoke the substance but he uses it in his foods and drinks which taste nicer than taking it without anything.


As stated by him, he sees the Marijuana leaf as part of the green leaves or vegetables.


“I do not smoke but if you mix it with Waakye, I can eat it easily. I see the marijuana leaf as a green leaf when mixed with lettuce and other vegetables,” Fameye revealed.


“I can’t smoke but if it is mixed with tea or any food…I can take it easily” He added.


At the moment the “Mati” hitmaker is still honouring his new role as a father.


Two months ago, Fameye confirmed that his girlfriend had given birth to a baby boy.


According to him, his girlfriend gave birth some time in October 2019


Refusing to voice any further information, Fameye specified that that was the first time he was revealing the news of his newborn.


But he added that he was planning to have 30 children and it was left with 29 more


By Ice Moni

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