Help Resolve Our Land Litigation Problem; Steel Manufacturer To Gov’t.

Help Resolve Our Land Litigation Problem; Steel Manufacturer To Gov't.

Help Resolve Our Land Litigation Problem; Steel Manufacturer To Gov't.

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Land litigation in Ghana for a period of time has become a major concern for dwellers especially in the capital Accra and its neighboring towns, therefore causing a lot of uncertainty for both commercial and domestic buyers.

The case of Mr. Mike Thakwani an investor and the CEO of B5 PLUS steel manufacturing company, the biggest steel company in Ghana and West Africa is not different. This investor has acquired many acres of land around the Prampram area and has constructed his steel manufacturing company and according to him hasn’t had the peace of mind to work on the land, which he knows was genuinely paid for.

According to him, the other part of the family who sold out the land to him has always been on him insisting on another payment which is very disturbing and unfair.

Mr. Mike said even though he has tried his best to resolve the issue between the two parties, the issue still persists and nothing to him seems to change.

He appealed to the Government to come in to help resolve the issue. He then pleaded to the government that, whenever there are projects as huge as his, where clear land titles are obtained he asked the government to help the investors to stay out of the family litigation so that the investor can go to the lands commission for the land title which will be more official than being involved in family problems which always causes insecurity.

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According to Mr. Mike, he said as an investor he is not only thinking of his income but has also helped the community in this crucial time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. During the lockdown, he distributed food items to thousands of families as well as medical supplies to the various hospitals in the community and further donated to the Association of Ghana Industry and many more institutions to cushion them in these harsh times.

He stated, considering the number of workers B5 PLUS has employed, over 10000 people, it has at least reduced the unemployment rate in the country and he don’t expect such a company supporting economic growth to be bothered or worried with land litigation issues to distort them from doing their good work to support mother Ghana.

Therefore calling on the government to come to their aid to help resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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