Ghanaians Are Sloppy Regarding Past Events – Hon. Benjamin Komla Kpodo

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Mp for Ho Central Constituency, Hon. Benjamin Komla Kpodo, has made a statement indicating his disdain for the seemingly sloppy attitude of Ghanaians towards past national disasters.

According to him, Ghanaians have learnt little-to no lessons from the heart-wrenching June 3rd catastrophe.

In an interview with RSM Kofi Doe Lawson, on Homebase Tv’s flagship morning show, EBOBOBA, the honorable member of parliament affirmed, ”It doesn’t appear we have fully learnt our lesson because what happened on June 3rd, which was aggravated by the fire explosion at circle, doubling as the same place the flooding occurred, we don’t appear to have learnt any lessons from such event, that is why I’m saying that, everybody knows that in June these things would happen, May – June these things would happen so what did we do, prior to the unset of the rains?”

He added, ‘’anyways I don’t think if they distill and cleared the drainage systems, am sure that it would have demonstrated that we have learnt some lessons.

But we did not do it and the same thing is happening now, so let us be proactive, let us enforce the law, people should stop building on water way.

People should stop living near drainage areas, people should stop congesting the drainage system with solid waste because that blocks the flow of water into the sea.

These are some of the things we will do to demonstrate that we have leant lessons from June 3rd, and June 3rd was not the only event, things have happened before so we should be learning lesson over the years but we don’t appear to be doing that.’’

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