[Full Communique] ECOWAS takes decision on Guinea

[Full Communique] ECOWAS takes decision on Guinea

[Full Communique] ECOWAS takes decision on Guinea

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) held an extraordinary meeting in Accra on Thursday September 16 to deliberate on happenings in Guinea after Alpha Conde’s government was overthrown on Sunday, September 5 by members of the Special Forces of Guinea, led by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, who has now formed the National Committee for Reconciliation and Development (CNRD).

ECOWAS has imposed sanctions on junta members in both Guinea and Mali.

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They as well as their family members have been banned from travelling and their financial assets have been frozen. This has been communicated to international bodies like AU, UN, EU and other bilateral bodies.

A decision was taken for the Chair of the Authority to personally travel to Conakry to convey the messages to the military leaders.

“[The heads of state] also, of course, reaffirmed ECOWAS’ firm commitment to work and help Guinea in this process of restoring the constitutional order.

“They insisted also on the close support of traditional partner the United Nations, the African Union, European Union and also other bilateral countries and they also decided that there will be a visit by the Chair of the Authority to the Republic of Guinea as soon as possible to convey those messages regarding the decision of the Summit personally.”

Source: 3news