Final Year Student Snubs Exam To ‘Keep Sabbath’

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A final year Senior High School(SHS) student whose name is not given refused to write one of his final WASSCE papers because the paper was taken on a Saturday.

According to him, writing the exams on a Saturday was against his belief as an Adventist and therefore decided to stay away from the paper in order to keep the day devoted as sabbath holy.

He said he joined the other two colleagues to avoid the Asante Twi paper because their church’s belief system is against not keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.

Speaking on Accra-based Asempa FM monitored by he responded ” Yes I did not write, It was Asante Twi and I refused to write the paper because I believe in my beliefs. My Church has beliefs and I’m sticking to it. Our Church petitioned the President but the petition was not agreed upon. For now, I can’t write Asante Twi and If I will have to write that paper it will be Nov/Dec”

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Final Year Student Snubs Exam To ‘keep Sabbath’
Final Year Student Snubs Exam To ‘keep Sabbath’

“I don’t see any other subject as superior to the other. If it were core Maths or Integrated Science I still wouldn’t have written the paper. I will never write any paper on Saturday going forward. Anything that will destroy my observance of the Sabbath i will never do it. In my school, we are three boys who didn’t take part in the exams. There are other Adventists who took part in the exams.”

“Friday some people wrote the exams. It is their belief and it’s my belief so if the papers were scheduled for Sunday, I will have written it but on Saturday, my belief system tells me to never risks the Sabbath day.”

He used the opportunity to call on the President to ensure that examinations are not scheduled on Saturdays in order to allow the students to observe their Sabbath day and keep it holy.


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