We Are Not Ready to Fight Against Illegal Mining as a Country – Samuel Aryeequaye

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Samuel Aryeequaye vice president of Young Liberals of Ghana and Member of Parliament for Agona East Constituency aspirant in the 2020 elections on his take on ‘GHANA SE SEN’ today said our leaders are not ready to fight against corruption due to inconsistency.

According to him, the fight against corruption started long ago and has been the case through many governmental regimes. He said policies and mobilizations initiated by successive governments in the fight against illegal mining locally known as ‘Galamsey’ are efforts in futility and acts for the ‘media eye’.

The MP aspirant stated that the Akufo-Addo’s government deployed security operatives like the “Operation Galamstop”, “Operation Vanguard” and other tasks forces to illegal mining areas, but the fight has not been successful.

Samuel Aryeequaye said, people were arrested, low- beds and excavators were seized, people lost their lives during the exercise, but it was much ado about nothing. He further stated that corruption is an obstacle against the galamsey fight and if people are not prosecuted and made to face the full rigours of the law, then we should forget it winning the fight against corruption.

We Are Not Ready to Fight Against Illegal Mining as a Country - Samuel Aryeequaye
We Are Not Ready to Fight Against Illegal Mining as a Country – Samuel Aryeequaye

Furthermore, he lamented how officials in the galamsey fight were caught on video taking money and allowing illegal mining to continue and the president Nana Akufo Addo decided not to investigate and subsequent prosecutions to be initiated and culprits sanctioned, but rather the president demanded the raw video from the secret investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

However, if prosecutions are carried out and culprits punished, that will deter other miscreants from indulging in galamsey or taken money from illegal minors and allowing them to destroy and pollute our land and water bodies respectively, he said.

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The yet-to-be law-maker was emphatic that common sense must be seen at play in the fight against illegal mining but not just making noise for the media to get something worth writing about the government and the same people out or in office will be shifting blame to each other.
He concluded that this same topic will be discussed year in and out without any proper achievement in the fight against galamsey.


Source: Franklin Cadwell

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