See The Shocking Moment Family Members Took Pictures With Standing Dead Man -PHOTOS

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Social Media went haywire after a photo of family members standing with their dead relative who was well dressed hit online.

The world is getting filled with so many weird things happening all around, it’s becoming too much, no day passes by that you won’t see something weird, especially on social media.

According to the information gotten from Facebook which was trending, the man was said to have died for about 4 months and very kept in a mortuary, but recently the family members went and dressed him up just to take a final photo with the dead man, before they burial him on that same day.

The man Dr. Luke Nkanele was reported as a member of the Knight of St Mulumba.

What could really be the reason for taking the last pictures with a dead body..?

See The Photos Below:


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And they all seem happy!

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