Don’t Sell Your Conscience To Politicians – Gbetsile Chief Advises Colleagues

Your Conscience To Politicians Gbetsile chief Advise Colleagues

Your Conscience To Politicians Gbetsile chief Advise Colleagues

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The Divisional Chief of Gbetsile in the Kpone-Katamanso District of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Teye Kojo Amanquah Sune I, has advised chiefs to stop their continuous habit of open endorsement of presidential aspirants, political parties and politicians as a whole for the election 2020 since their actions and in-actions are creating political tension in the country.

Consequently, the traditional officer ruler urged the chiefs not to sell their conscience by voting or endorsing political parties and candidates based on money and perishable goodies that will be given to them by the parties just to win their votes.

While pointing out that chiefs had the right to vote in general elections, he maintained that their choices should be known only to them and not openly display their political support, saying it is bad for the chiefs to be involved in active politics which is against the spirit of 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.”

He indicated that the leaders of the successive governments took many chiefs in some traditional areas for granted because they sold their conscience to them and that those chiefs cannot hold those political leaders responsible whenever it failed to bring development to their areas.

Your Conscience To Politicians Gbetsile chief Advise Colleagues
Your Conscience To Politicians Gbetsile chief Advise Colleagues

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Nii Teye Kojo Amanquah Sune I cautioned that the chiefs should not get too excited by free handouts and that they should maintain the dignity of their institutions long established by their forefathers.

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He noted that it was important that traditional rulers maintain the sanctity of the Chieftaincy institution by doing away with partisan politics and instead maintain their neutrality.

He maintained that the 1992 constitution went to a referendum [and it was accepted so we have to abide by it].

Constitutional Provision

The 1992 Fourth Republican Constitution and the Chieftaincy Act, 2008 explicitly ban chiefs from doing active politics.

Speaking an interview with Daily Analyst, Nii Teye Kojo Amanquah Sune l expressed worry over the growing phenomenon of traditional leaders endorsing political candidates especially ahead of the major elections.

The chief comments are in response to an open endorsement of NPP presidential hopeful, Nana Akufo Addo, by 58 chiefs of the Atwima Kwanwoma District.

While some chiefs have kept to the provisions, others have stayed off them, arguing that they were discriminatory and against their human rights.

The chiefs, including the Paramount Chief of Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Area, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin II and Omanhene of Mehame Traditional Area, Nana Owusu Kontoh II have openly declared support for some candidates at various events.

The Chief of Dormaa also endorsed the former president during his visit to the Bono region.

He stated that the chiefs remained the last resort for resolving conflicts in the country, and that if they were seen to be partisan, it would be difficult for anyone to seek their intervention when conflicts or disputes arose.

According to him, it was for a good reason that the 1992 Constitution precluded chiefs from partisan politics and explained that not all the people they presided over would belong to the parties the chiefs supported, for which reason there was the need for chiefs to remain neutral at all times and enjoy the support of their subjects.

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He stressed that it is the time “to tell my colleague chiefs they’ve crossed the line by endorsing politicians

He noted chiefs are leaders who unite their subjects, therefore when they publicly side with a party, it could bring division in their traditional area.

He also noted that the endorsement being performed by these traditional leaders are unconstitutional since the supreme law of the country clearly states that.


He said if the chieftaincy institution was not that important, it would not have survived all these years.

He, therefore, urged the legally and traditionally installed chiefs to maintain the respect accorded to the institution by staying off partisan politics.

Nii Teye Kojo Amanquah Sune I, said as chiefs, they ought to work with every government to bring development to their people, explaining that that was why when they showed an open bias to a political party, it could affect their relationship with the other political parties.

Advise to youths

The chief cautioned the youths to stay away from manipulative politicians

He stressed that “students or youth who allow themselves to be used as paid political weapons are indirectly selling their future.”

He advised Ghanaian youths to stay away from politicians who would want to use them as the 2020 general elections approaches.

He asked the youths to remain focused even in the face of inducements from politicians.

Lack of drains in Gbetsile

The chife also expressed worry about the lack of proper drainage and gutters with the Kpone-Gbetsile contributing to flooding in the area.

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The chief indicated that the area has now become a waterlogged area which largely contributes to flooding in the area anytime it rains

He called for the construction of drainage and gutters in the area to prevent the flooding situation.

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