At Your Age And Position In The NPP , You Cannot Differentiate Between The Duties Of An MP And MMDCE?

At your Age and Position in the NPP, you cannot differentiate between the Duties of an MP and MMDCE?

At your Age and Position in the NPP, you cannot differentiate between the Duties of an MP and MMDCE?

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We of the non-profit Action Movement Youth Volunteers wish to rejoind to an interview on 20th March 2021 the NPP Eastern Regional First Vice Chairman, Mr. Umar Budinga, granted the Somanya- based radio station, Rite FM.

In the interview, Mr. Umar made this allegation against the four Krobo MPs describing them as MPs who lack leadership skills and thereby causing low development in their various constituencies.

To set the record straight, it saddens our hearts when individuals like Mr. Umar come so low just to degrade our hard-working MPs in the four Krobo constituencies.

When it comes to achievements, the NPP government does not come near the achievements of the NDC in the Krobo area.

We want Mr. Umar to respond to the following questions:

(1) Does Mr. Umar know the duties of Members of Parliament?

(2) Does Mr. Omar know the responsibilities of MMDCEs in the various constituencies?

(3). Can Mr. Umar point out just three achievements of the NPP government in the last four years in the four Krobo constituencies?

(4). Does Mr. Omar know we can easily point out hundreds of achievements of the NDC in the four Krobo block constituencies?

(5) Who is responsible for the disbursement of citizens’ taxes allocated to development in the Constituencies? Is it the MPs or the MMDCEs?

(6) What are those allocated citizen’s taxes used for?

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Furthermore, Mr. Umar stated that the NPP government has done a lot for the Krobo area, but the constituents are very ungrateful.

To us, Mr. Umar’s statement is an insult to the intelligence, dignity, and integrity of the good people of the Krobo area.

The only Krobo area achievement of the NPP government in the last four years was when armed men were brought in to shoot Krobos for offences they had not committed.

Shooting Krobos at Somanya claiming that they refused to pay electricity bills whereby some lost their lives, and hundreds of people were seriously injured was the only achievement of the NPP government in Kroboland.

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When Mr. Omar reflects on the NPP government’s nebulous One District, One Factory, One Village One Dam, One Constituency, One million dollars, planting for food and jobs, did the Krobo area get any share?

Hardship, difficulties, and burdens are what Krobos can remember the NPP and Akuffo Addo’s government for.

We urge Mr. Umar to retract his propaganda and palpable lies and apologize to the Krobo area MPs and the good people of Krobo land.

Moses Tettey Dometey (Bola Ray Jnr)
President, Action Movement Youth Volunteers

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