There Is More Unity In The Ghetto, The Church Is Very Judgmental -Rev. Charlotte Oduro

I Married A Virgin - Rev. Charlotte Oduro

I Married A Virgin - Rev. Charlotte Oduro

Popular Ghanaian Counsellor Rev. Charlotte Oduro disclosed that the church is very judgmental prior to her encounter in her youthful days.

In an interview on Eboboba morning show hosted by Odeyieba Y. Anokye, she narrated her ordeal of being tough and adventurous made the church tagged her as a vagabond because of the company she finds herself.

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 “the church thought I was a vagabond, they thought I was the black sheep… They said a lot of things bad things about me,  and they were comparing me to my colleagues and I was going through pain in the church and I told the church they were hypocrites. 

“That notion was wrong you need get close to those people know their pains you don’t know why I was with them … I saw those people be my confident although they are also disregarded, I looked up to them and that encouraged me.”

According to her,

“wee smokers do not look down on people rather the church does”. she narrated her ordeal of being in the company of ‘junkies’.

“Although it is not a good place to be there is togetherness when they eat they eat together though they smoke they wee but they are better off they have sense.”

She further advised that “don’t let peoples’ criticism bring you down instead let those words be a platform for you to lift yourself up”