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Assembly Members Cannot Be Taken For Granted, John Mahama Must Come Again

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I have followed keenly some comment made by the former President Mr. John Dramani Mahama and his latest empty promise to get all the Assembly members in Ghana enrolled into the consolidated funds for monthly salaries when he is given the chance to once again lead this country in December elections.

This promise is mere political talk and is clearly deceptive and should not be taken seriously by any Assembly member.

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Indeed as Assembly members, our activities are key to the development of this Nation. However, we are completely under-resourced and totally ignored by all successive governments which have become a major source of concern and worry for all Assembly members in Ghana. But for any person to take advantage of our situation to score cheap political mark is unfortunate, unacceptable and I, therefore, call on all the Honourable Assembly members across the country to be alert and smart in order not to allow ourselves to be deceived and misled by any desperate politician seeking for power.

Assembly Members Cannot Be Taken For Granted, John Mahama Must Come Again
Assembly Members Cannot Be Taken For Granted, John Mahama Must Come Again

Having served consecutively for two terms as Assemblyman and currently as a Presiding Member, I can state on authority that the elswhile Mahama administration was worse in terms of helping to fight for the plight of our members and his government did nothing significant to address our plight as Assembly members.

Mr. Mahama’s administration even failed to procure for Assembly members the motorbikes to facilitate our movement as agents of development for our respective electoral areas.

Let me also remind Ghanaians and colleague Assembly members that even statutory payments such as District Assemblies Common Funds were in arrears for several years under Mr. Mahama and NDC. So it is not only deceptive for Mr. Mahama to posits that when he is given the nod as President again he will ensure all Assembly members in Ghana are given monthly pay. To me, this is the joke of the century and the comment is laughable. I do not think any Assembly member in our country will be swayed by this empty promise which is targeting our votes and support as December polls draw nearer.

In conclusion, I would like to state emphatically that all the various governments since 1992 have failed in terms of championing for the development and empowerment of Assembly members. This topic needs to be given serious attention as a country and calls for a national debate to ensure the welfare and the overall development of the local governance system is given the needed attention.

Assembly members in Ghana deserve better treatment but not with empty promise from a desperate politician.

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