Why NPP And NDC Have Failed- Dr Sekou Nkrumah

Why NPP And NDC Have Failed

Why NPP And NDC Have Failed

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The failure of NPP to understand its mission statement started with its very creation. When NPP was formed in 1992, the agenda for the main opposition party then was to end the Rawlings hold on Ghana.

By referring to JJ, I am really talking about the legacy of June 4, December 31, and the subsequent ten years of the military dictatorship in Ghana. What the NPP leadership at the time of its formation failed to see was that its strength ( following and organizational ability) was all due to the number of Ghanaians who wanted leadership that will reflect on Ghana’s present needs and aspirations as we rediscover democracy and not a date with the past, or to embrace the UP political tradition!

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I remember as a young political activist with the movement for freedom and justice ( a political movement made of people with different political affiliations who’s simple agenda was to end dictatorship in Ghana and to return to a multi-party system of democracy), we made an appeal to Professor Adu Boahene in his house at airport residential area, that we need to form a political party made up of all elements opposed to Rawlings and PNDC/NDC and not a party formed around the Danquah/ Busia political tradition! The elders refused, taking the bait JJ and his political advisers had set by dangling the return to multiple-party politics in the face of greedy old politicians!

Why NPP And NDC Have Failed
Why NPP And NDC Have Failed

It should be noted that at the time the main political movement in opposition (MFJ) was lead by Professor ASU Boahene as chairman, and Lawyer Johnny Hansen as vice Chairman. Notice here the strong political flavors of UP and CPP!
The current NPP leadership is a reflection of the UP forces that hijacked the democratic movement in Ghana!

On the other hand, the key moment for the NDC political tradition came in the year 2000. Rawlings had expired his two terms in the highest political office of the land, and the ruling NDC had to elect a new leader to take over the mantle. But instead of JJ allowing the party to chose his successor, he rather forced his then Vice President ( Professor Mills) on the party! And sadly the significance of the Goosie Tanoh and his cohorts in the Reform Movement later party to challenge that decision was lost on the NDC!

The irony here was that a party formed out of the core principles of social justice, probity and accountability and a desire to give ordinary people a voice failed the test of time!
The present state of the NDC leadership reflects this sad tale! A few dictating the interest of the majority!The CPP never recovered from the overthrow of PNP ( CPP political offspring ) in 1981! Contrary to what many think, the death of CPP was not in the overthrow in 1966 but rather in 1981!
Rawlings and his revolution then systematically dismantled the CPP and with time took over its political constituency and character!
Therefore efforts to revive the CPP or a Nkrumahist front after the ban on party politics was lifted in 1992 failed miserably. And the rest is history!
The third force that a section of Ghanaians are looking forward to has to be formed and organized outside these three political traditions! It should not be a call that takes us back in time, rather an effort that reflects our aspirations as Ghanaians searching for a true meaning to democracy that should not only give us a voice in our political dispensation but also demand immediate improvement to our well being and a decent quality of life for all!


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