Ghana’s 2020 Elections

Ghana is a unitary constitutional democracy led by a President who is both head of state and head of the government.  The constitution guarantees that – “Every citizen of Ghana of eighteen years of age or above and of sound mind has the right to vote and is entitled to be registered as a voter for the purposes of public elections and referenda”.

Participate In Our Election Poll

Ghana will be going to the polls to elect the next President on December 7, 2020. If you are a Ghanaian and meet the above criteria, how will you be voting this December? Vote in our election Poll below

#ElectionBillBoard: Who Would You Vote For In Ghana’s 2020 Elections Live

  • John Dramani Mahama
    58% 7 / 12
  • Nana Akufo-Addo
    41% 5 / 12

Countdown to Ghana’s Election