National Security Ministry engages journalists on new Security Strategy

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The Minister of National Security, Albert Kan Dapaah on Tuesday September 28 engaged selected journalists on the new National Security Strategy document.

Mr Kan Dapaah indicated that the reliance of Ghanaians on radio/television is the reason the national security apparatus is engaging with the media to shed light on security challenges such as armed robbery, cyber crime, terrorism, piracy and kidnapping.

These engagements are based on a revised position from the national security apparatus that there is the need to share issues relating to security to demystify issues, and secure collaboration for national cohesion and peace

“There is a limit to the role of other accountability institutions but for the media, it possesses the independence that enables it to hold the government to account. The media, by definition, is an independent institution. It is a very important duty the media play, which is why we get concerned,” he said.

“That is why it is important that our media men and women don’t play with the security and stability of the country. Also, it is important that the media is able to do away with sensational stories that have very serious security implications and not because it will help to sell newspapers and get viewership”, he added.


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