Why do people marry and soon get divorced? Because they are not patient to study their partners.

Why do people hasten to tie what they cannot untie?Because they are not always patient to wait for their time to come.

In everything that we do,patience must be a key factor.Without patience,we cannot achieve anything in life.

Success is a journey with a long winding road.It takes patience to reach success,thereafter,it grows like a crop.

Let us not let the testimonies of others push us to do something that we will regret at the end.The adage that says “wealth hastily gotten dwindles but he who gathers little by little develops it” is not said for nothing

According to Sir Winston Spencer Churchill,”Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others”.Perhaps your time hasn’t yet come but that of someone you know and even better than has come,continue to be patient.

Patience is the magic key.It unlocks all things in time.

Hasten to be patient!
*Musah Abdul Razak Churchill*

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