Zipline expands healthcare delivery services to Anum and Kete-Krachi

zipline expands healthcare delivery services to anum and kete krachi scaled

Zipline medical supply and logistic delivery company has expanded its operations to two more operational areas in the Anum and Kete-Krachi areas. 

Zipline, which operates the world’s largest autonomous on-demand delivery system with the industry’s leading instant logistics technology stack aims at making sure that medical supplies reach all areas in the country especially the remotest areas. 

Zipline helps hospitals and health centres avoid medical stock out during health emergencies. 

The General Manager for Zipline, Naa Adorkor Yawson, at the launch of the distribution centres noted that the past few years have been very exciting as the company has since 2019 delivered over 1.7 million medical commodities including blood, essential medicines, and vaccines to over 2,300 health facilities across 147 districts in 13 regions of Ghana.

Zipline expands healthcare delivery services to Anum and Kete-Krachi

“Approximately 60% of these health facilities, mostly health centres and CHPS compounds are located in rural and some of the out of reach areas in Ghana,” Madam Naa Adorkor Yawson said.

She noted that with the rapid expansion across the country, many people are day by day benefiting from the lifesaving partnership Zipline has built with the people of Ghana. 

“We can only thank the government, stakeholders within the health sector, and the people of Ghana for the kind support we have received so far to do our work here in Ghana. We have worked closely with the chiefs, local government authorities, community opinion leaders and community people. I must say the support and acceptance so far has been worth our time,” she said.

Zipline expands healthcare delivery services to Anum and Kete-Krachi

She noted that all the technical stakeholders of the Ministry of Health, the Ghana Health Service and the Ghana Civil Authority have indeed played a critical role in ensuring that the service is sustainably and integrated into the existing healthcare reservation space so that the full benefits of the service is obtained. 

“I wish to use this opportunity to thank them for being strategic partners in the delivery of essential medical products to a remote suburb of the Afadjato South District of the Volta Region so they can witness the delivery of medical commodities. This was graced by the Vice President, H.E. Dr. Bawumia, who has championed the adoption of the technology as one of the key ways to accessing medical healthcare in the country.”

She stressed that the business since inception has prioritized efforts at making sure that more health facilities especially those in the remotest areas are enrolled on its drone supply chain system.

The Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, who launched the delivery centre commended the staff for the hard work put in to see a bigger coverage of Zipline.

Dr Bawumia noted that since the bold decision was taken 3 years ago to adopt the technology in delivering medical supplies to all parts of the country especially the remote areas, it has been an awesome experience so far.

 Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia added that the event is part of the government’s broader commitment to expanding the reach of the drone service to ensure that no one is left behind when accessing emergency medicines and other health care products.

Dr Bawumia noted that “COVID-19 still remains a sad tale of pain and anguish for us as leaders of the country and even though we are at our lowest level,  a look at the the data of the total cases currently in Ghana stands at 79  with the hard work of the medical staffs and their management.” 

“Since we recorded our first COVID-19 case, health workers have shown that what lies in their chest is an undying love for this country,” Dr Bawumia said.

This,  he stressed, is one of the contributing factors for which reason Ghana has not experienced massive waste of the vaccines as reported in many other countries.

He added that Ghana through the operation of Zipline, has become the only country in the entire world to use drones to deliver vaccines.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia noted that testimonies from patients as well as health workers about the positive results of the Zipline drones delivery goes beyond politics. 

Dr Bawumia, therefore, urged Zipline staff to keep up the good work and expand to all parts of the country to bring total relief to the people. 

Dr Bawumia said a sustainable life could not be achieved if access to medical healthcare was a preserve of a few.

He said concerns for rural access to medical care do not only assure the life expectancy of the country but also reveal the discrimination and inequality of the healthcare system in contrast to the campaigns championed by global health bodies for equal access to healthcare.

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