Wikipedia Ranks Akufo Addo as the Most Corrupt President Ever in The History of Ghana – CHECK OUT

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HBTVTGHANA’s search on the internet bares unexpected personality as the most corrupt president ever in the history of Ghana.

Wikipedia report detailed how the current president has been ranked as such. Beware this report does not base on our opinion but culled from

In more detail, what our portal gathered gave reasons for such finding. Check the below story.

“Nana Akufo-Addo took office as Ghana’s president in January 2017 after winning the December 2016 presidential elections. He is regarded as Ghana’s most corrupt President ever.

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Wikipedia Ranks Akufo Addo as the Most Corrupt President Ever in The History of Ghana – CHECK OUT Al


In 2017, the then deputy minister of health, Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu, asserted that Ghana’s health sector had high corruption rates because of its low level of accountability. For example, doctors at the Tamale Teaching hospital plant agents to direct patients from the hospital to their clinics and direct patients to procure drugs and lab tests outside the hospital thus reducing hospital revenue.

They go into agreement with these pharmacies and labs so they profit from the referrals. Ghana’s health sector was ranked second most corrupt in Africa, with most of the allocated public resources ending up in the pockets of corrupt private individuals.

The worst affected people are the poor individuals who are not sensitized on medical practices in the hospital. Medical practitioners end up selling watered-down medicines and even request bribes to allow patients to jump queues.

In Koforidua in the eastern region of Ghana, a combined team of US and Ghanaian medical professionals were supposed to undertake the “Operation Walk Syracuse”, a surgical procedure for some selected arthritis patients. It was revealed that some of the local professionals in St. Joseph’s hospital had charged from prospective patients sums of money ranging from GHC100.00 to GHC6,000.00 to allow them to access the procedure. Meanwhile, this was on the blind side of the US team.”

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