Wikimedia Ghana User Group to begin second phase of 500 notable people photo project

wikimedia ghana user group to begin second phase of 500 notable people photo project scaled
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Wikimedia Ghana User Group will continue its ongoing 500 Notable People in Ghana photo project with musicians, actors & actresses, artists and other notable Ghanaians in the media and entertainment circle.

Wikipedia articles of these personalities will be photographed by the Group’s team and images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

“We look forward to engaging with all of them in this next project phase,” the Group said in a statement.

The project which was launched at the beginning of 2021 is a photo drive project with Wikipedia articles without photos or any Wikimedia projects, especially Wikimedia Commons for 500 notable Ghanaians.

The first phase of the project began with Members of Parliament after the Group had partnered with the Parliament of Ghana through its Public Relations Department.

The Group added “We want to thank Kate Addo, the Head of Public Relations for the Parliament of Ghana, for being so helpful in making sure we work together.

“She helped us get all 275 members and the Speaker of parliament’s photos donated to Wikimedia Commons, which will be used on their respective Wikipedia articles.”

Wikimedia Ghana User Group has volunteers around the world who work together to set knowledge free.

They upload photos, fix typos, chase sources, write code, and start articles, all to sustain the dream of a world where every human has access to the sum of the world’s knowledge.

According to the Group, it aims to make sure there is a world where everyone can share freely in the sum of all knowledge.

Wikimedia Ghana User Group is an affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent organisation of Wikipedia.

Their mission is to promote Wikipedia and its sister wikis in Ghana, and for seven years have been recruiting, training and engaging Wikipedians.