Why Bill Asamoah advocates for school of performing arts in the Ashanti Region

why bill asamoah advocates for school of performing arts in the ashanti region
Bill Asamoah credit Instagram billasamoah

Actor Bill Asamoah says it has become important to educate filmmakers, directors and other persons in the value chain of the movie industry if Kumawood is to experience the growth it deserves.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z, on Saturday, he explained that when educated, filmmakers in Kumawood would acquire the technical know-how to produce quality, educational and entertaining movies, to showcase the beautiful cultures in Ghana.

Bill Asamoah told George Quaye that he once petitioned the former Tourism and Arts Minister, Catherine Afeku to facilitate the creation of a performing arts faculty at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and/or an accredited institution affiliated to NAFTI in Kumasi.

He contended that because many filmmakers involved in the production of Kumawood films are in Ashanti Region, they can enroll in the school to be professionally trained in acting, directing, producing, scriptwriting and others.

Bill Asamoah believes Kumawood would experience significant growth once the people at the helm of its affairs are equipped with the needed knowledge.

Since the advent of movie streaming giants, the world has moved from CDs and cassettes to digital distribution, among others. 

He explained that these new forms of selling films have certain requirements that filmmakers need to meet. 

But, because Kumawood is populated with businessmen instead of people who understand filmmaking and can make great content, the industry suffers in terms of quality.

He added that he believes the development of Kumawood would have been exponential if in its early stages, there had been filmmakers and other professionals offering the needed help to people in the industry.

The actor noted that the industry can still have a turnaround if education through workshops, among others, are introduced.

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