Kennedy Agyapong explains why he will continue to criticise the NPP

Kennedy Agyapong explains why he will continue to criticise the NPP

Kennedy Agyapong explains why he will continue to criticise the NPP

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Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has provided reasons why he will continue to criticise the New Patriotic Party, NPP.

Kennedy Agyapong in a yet to be aired interview on Joy Prime said he will always put his country first in his activities.

The MP has on many occasions criticised his own NPP party over things he believed they are not doing well.

Explaining why he always criticise his party without considering the political ramifications, he said even his actions now is attracting more votes for the party which will boost their electoral fortunes.

He said to him any information he gets and it’s bad he puts it out without considering the party it will affect.

“Do you know the number of people who are going to vote because of what I’m doing for the NPP?  You have no idea when I get the information and it’s vital and I feel Ghanaians should know I put it out there.”


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Kennedy Agyapong stated that he will only criticise the NDC if he is to be seen as a one-sided person but his commitment to his country will not allow him to do so.

“Ghana first, what about if talking about the NDC it doesn’t hurt them? are they not Ghanaians so if you are NPP and you are not doing something right and I say it you expect me to only talk about it if you are seeing me as a one-sided person and continuously attacking NDC it wouldn’t be it so my country first before my political party.”

Kennedy Agyapong has been in the news in the past weeks for his investigations and attacks on church leaders he described as fake pastors.

According to him, these fake pastors have in many ways being inflicting pain on some Ghanaians and if a stop is not put to their actions the country will not prosper.

He said the attack is not on the church but rather people who are taking advantage of the church to enrich themselves.

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