#Christendom: Francis Amo Reveals Secret

#Christendom: Francis Amo Reveals Secret

#Christendom: Francis Amo Reveals Secret

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Ace Gospel music hitmaker Francis Amo has revealed lessons that are secrets that have kept him all these years, which apparently do still keep him at his A-Game.

Francis Amo started music at a tender age with an interest in playing drums. He went for music rehearsals after rehearsals while schooling at the same time.

But he had to give up on school at class 6 because there was no money to support his education. He then decided to be a mechanic, and so he joined a local mechanic shop where he underwent an apprenticeship. But he never allowed the interest in music to slide away.

Francis Amo’s Lessons From The Gospel Music Fraternity

Today, in an interview with Sekyiwaa Ansah on Homebase Tv’s Urban Cross, the talented gospel musician said,

“By God’s grace, I have learnt secrets that still keep me. These are, learn to be Humble, be focused, know who you are, be who you are. You don’t have to be like you are in a challenge or competition with anyone.”

“The Time we have here on earth is small, and the road is long, but come what may, we will get there”.

According to him, he has travelled with music to several countries, by these virtues.

He added that  “by this time I shouldn’t have amounted to anything, neither would there have been any need to have been called among the ranks of the stars, but humility, patience, with determination still gives us the page or way to follow the flow of the urban music system.

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If you focus, you can flow in the urban gospel system of the day, and you can move with the youth. Everything is changing, and by that, you will have to change yourself too because there are snakes that change colours, and just as they change themselves when the system is changing, you also as a minister of God, have to focus through to also change.

He concluded that should he be given urban gospel or English songs he will sing them.

Thanks to these secrets, the populace of Ghana was encouraged by the multi-talented Francis Amo to stay focused.


Source: Emmanuel Akoto | Hbtvghana.com

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