Central Region NDC Demand Immediate Arrest Of All Involved In Ajumako BiseAse Violence At The Registration Center

Central Region NDC Demand Immediate Arrest Of All Involved In Ajumako BiseAse Violence At The Registration Center

Central Region NDC Demand Immediate Arrest Of All Involved In Ajumako BiseAse Violence At The Registration Center

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Central region is are demanding the immediate arrest and investigation of all those involved in the attack and the violence that happen at the registration center at Ajumako Besiase.

In the press conference which was addressed by the Central regional Communication Officer Mr. Kwesi Dawood, he stated that the Minister of Transport yesterday led about 50 thugs believed to be members of the NPPs vigilante group, invisible forces, to cause mayhem at the 21 registration centers in Ajumako Bisease, which is the hometown and stronghold of the incumbent MP, Hon. Cassiel Ato Forson.

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In his speech he mentioned that Hon Kweku Ofori Asiamah who led yesterday’s attacks has been holding series of sinister meetings in this Constituency and anytime he is in the Constituency, violence erupts against innocent citizens perceived to be NDC sympathizers. The leader of his gang by name Ali who is driving one of the unregistered Pick Ups fired several gunshots and bolted.Ajumako BiseAse Violence At The Registration Center scaled

Sadly, this unfortunate conduct of the thugs was in the full glare of the police officers and the military men deployed to the various registration centers, yet they did not even lift a finger.

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We are reliably informed that these incidents happened after Mr. Lord Commey (Director of operations at the Jubilee House), Richard Takyi Mensah (NPPs Regional Secretary), Mr. Robert Kutin (NPPs Central Regional Chairman), Mr. Kweku Ofori Asiamah (Minister of transport), held a meeting with the Divisional Police Commander, Rashid Etuaful and other NPP executives at about 1 pm at the DCE’s office yesterday. We understand this is where they plotted these disturbances at Ajumako Bisease because the total number of registered voters which stands at 10,000 is higher than that of the number from Rashid’s perceived stronghold.

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Mr. Dawood said in his speech that Yesterday, at exactly 6: 45am on the NPPs Constituency platform, more sinister discussions were held to that effect. In the referenced conversation, they planned to give a surprise birthday wish to Hon. Ato Forson by “going a little bit rough at the various polling stations in Ajumako Bisease”. Surprisingly, this illegal operation was led by the NPPs PC, Rashid Kwesi Etuaful.
They indeed unleashed mayhem at the various registration centers which led to many NDC registration agents sustaining injuries with most of them receiving treatment at the Ajumako District Hospital.Central Region NDC Demand Immediate Arrest scaled

It must be placed on record that the activities of these NPP armed hoodlums are financed by Mr. John Kofi Mensah, Managing Director of ADB. Apparently this is his assigned tasks by the NPP Govt of Akufo Addo in order to maintain his job at ADB. The NDC is fully aware of his nefarious activities with the vigilantes including the release of those unregistered Pick Ups they are using to perpetuate this heinous criminal activity and wish to remind him that Tomorrow is Pregnant.

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He said the NDC in this Region is totally aghast at what appears to be state-sanctioned violent attacks on innocent citizens in this Constituency to frustrate and disenfranchise citizens in perceived opposition strongholds from acquiring the voters’ ID Cards that will qualify them to exercise their democratic right to choose their preferred leaders come 7th Dec 2020 and we condemn it in no uncertain terms.

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Finally, he stated That NDC demands the immediate investigations, arrests and prosecution of all involved in this dastardly act and to remind our Security Agencies of their oath to serve Ghana and not to serve the NPP. We encourage the thousands who were not able to register yesterday due to this blood bath to come out and do so today and also during the mop-up exercise scheduled for the weekend. To the sponsors, perpetrators of this crime, and some of the security personnel complicit in this barbarism, we wish to remind them power is transient and that father for all is no longer in the dictionary of the NDC.

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Moreover some of the victims and the eyewitnesses who were at the seen explain to Homebase Tv rep Henry Donkor on how the Incident happened.

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Finally the Incumbent Member of parliament Hon Casiel Ato Forson has transferred the 36 old year man who is in the critical condition to Accra for better treatment.

Story by: Henry Donkor Central Region

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