Top five surprising things about Yvonne Nelson

Being an actress is not easy. Well, this is not the case with Yvonne Nelson. This woman has been able to master the art of acting, and she does not seem to stop any sooner. Fans cannot help but yearn for more of her acting skills.

She is a classic example of a woman with beauty and brains. Over the years apart from acting, she has also contributed to the betterment of the Ghanaian movie industry and the society through different initiatives.

However, not so many of us truly know her. There is more than what you see in movies and her social media pages. For that matter, here is a compilation of 5 things you did not know about this super actress.

Over the years, Yvonne Nelson has featured in several movies alongside other famous actors and actresses from both Ghana and Nigeria. Like most celebrities, her story is an interesting one.

She ventured into several professions before settling for acting. For instance, initially, Yvonne Nelson was into music. She used to rap back in the days when she was at the university, but this did not hold for long. Yvonne also tried a few beauty contests, and again, she did not like it there. Finally, she met her destiny when she began acting.

Five things you may want to know about her
Many at times, fans and followers of most celebrities are fooled to think that they know a lot about their role models. Therefore, they end up making the wrong assumptions about them, which is misleading. For that matter, here is a list of 5 of the crucial things you must know as Yvonne Nelson’s fan or follower.

1. Yvonne Nelson is the last born

Yvonne is born into a family of four children. She was born on November 12, 1985. Her parents, Margaret Gaddy and Mr. Oko Nelson, might have decided to call it a quit when they were blessed with this beauty queen. If you have been watching her movies, you might have probably realized how she behaves. Many at times, she has that “creepy” behavior possessed by most lastborn kids. Well, if you haven’t noticed this trait yet, then you need to be keen the next time you watch her movies. It is not precisely arrogance but kind of bravery character if that impresses all the lastborn readers here.

2. She is behind the Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma Foundation

Often, most able celebrities forget to give back to society when they become successful. However, this is not the case with Yvonne Nelson. She understands the importance of investing in society. For that reason, she launched the Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma Foundation back in 2010 to help educate the people on the harmful effects of eye diseases.
Sources have it that she began the foundation to eradicate eye ailments because the condition once claimed the life of her family member. In case you did not know, Glaucoma is a hereditary disease which can be passed down a generation. Sadly, the foundation did not last for long. It failed because of a financial crisis that she was undergoing during that time.

3. She is a college dropout

Sometimes it’s funny to imagine how some people make it in life and yet they never complete their studies. A classic example of those people includes Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, among many others. Like this famous successful college dropouts, Yvonne Nelson dropped out of college because of an unexpected pregnancy. She was a student at Central College University.
Did Yvonne Nelson eventually complete her college studies? Well, little is known about this matter. Though, sources point out that she later willingly gave her baby away to a couple in Botswana. We can only speculate that she might have given her bay away because she wanted to pursue her studies. Even so, she is very brilliant and successful in several ways.

4. Her career began in junior school

Did you have a clue of who you were to become in life when you were in junior school? This is one of the most tricky and dangerous stages of life. It is at this age that most youths get into peer pressure that usually ruins their lives. However, to Y.N, she had already spotted an opportunity in the beauty industry.

As mentioned earlier in this post, Yvonne Nelson started as a beauty pageant. This was in high school. For your information, she first won Miss Aggrey at high school. This was after thorough practice that took her years. With the confidence of winning Miss Aggrey, she decided to contents for Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant in 2005. Unfortunately, she did not win the title. However, she bagged other several awards. Those are the Best Talent award and “Miss Photogenic”. Precisely, she won the Best Talent award by performing an original rap song about HIV/AIDS.

Thanks to the exposure she gained as a beauty pageant, her paths started opening. Later that year, she won a contract with Maxim Cosmetics. The deal lasted for two years after which she landed a leading role in the Ghanaian Nigerian drama film known as “Princess Tyra” and later a television series known as the “Fortune Island”. Indeed, it was a fortune island for this beauty. It is here that her acting career began.

5. Many at times, she is assigned bad roles

Are you among the fans who hate an actor/actress because of their roles in certain movies? Sorry, because that is Yvonne Nelson’s favorite character. Like Patience Ozokwor, she is portrayed as a bad person who always gets in trouble in most of her movies. Also, you are likely to assume that she takes alcohol and smokes a lot in real life. This is not true. In one of her interviews, she said that she neither drinks nor smokes. She is entirely the opposite of what you are used to on screens. Interestingly, she added that she delivers excellently on what Yvonne Nelson doesn’t do than what she does in real life.

Hopefully, you now know Yvonne Nelson in details. She is one person that you cannot easily resist. In addition, her beauty and brains are exceptional. This actress is genuinely one of a kind. She is one woman who is not afraid of failure. She does what she has to do as long as it adds value to her personal development.

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