It’s Against The Law If You Sleep With Your Landlords’ Wife Or Daughter — Maurice Ampaw Caution Tenants

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Private legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw had advised tenants to be very cautious about how they engage in an amorous relationship with the daughters and wives of their landlords.

He said it is against the law to sleep with the wife or daughter of a landlord.

“If you are a handsome young male tenant in a house, and you go about sleeping with the wife of your landlord or daughter, you have breached the law. Also, the landlord has no right to sleep with your wife as a tenant in his house either,” he stated.

It's Against The Law If You Sleep With Your Landlord's Wife Or Daughter — Maurice Ampaw Caution Tenants
It’s Against The Law If You Sleep With Your Landlord’s Wife Or Daughter — Maurice Ampaw Caution Tenants

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He added that if any young man desires the daughter of his landlord, then he should go through the formal process of marrying the lady, “but you cannot hide under the cloak of being a tenant and be sleeping with your Landlord’s daughter.”

He was speaking on Wontumi TV on the programme “Mmra ne Abrabɔ mu Nsɛm” on the topic, “Tenancy Agreement” on Sunday, 27th September, 2020.

Lawyer Ampaw advised all men who are tenants and living especially in compound houses to monitor their wives movement seriously. “If you see your wife most of the time visiting a particular male tenants room, you should be suspicious. There are a lot of situations where other tenants have slept with the wives of cotenants.”

He gave a classical example where a man’s wife was impregnated by another tenant in a compound house. He recounted that, during the naming ceremony of the child, these two men organized two separate naming ceremonies in the same house.

He wondered the kind of tension in that particular house that day. “Men should be careful and open their eyes and monitor the movement of their wives.”

Written tenancy agreement

The lawyer added that all tenancy agreements should be written and not made verbal. “If a landlord or landlady refuses to give you a written agreement, it is against the law and that must not be encouraged,” he added.

According to Mr Ampaw, it is also illegal for landlords to be monitoring female tenants on the kinds of men who visits them.

He further elaborated that, there is no law that bars a man from visiting a female tenant but was quick to add that, any lady who also decides to sleep with men for money in a rented facility has also breached the law.

“The landlord under this circumstance can call you to order and interfere in your way of life in his house,” he cautioned.

He advises all tenants to be very respectful to their landlords and vice versa in order to promote peaceful coexistence in compound houses especially.

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