Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last Forever, No Matter How Hard You Try


    This one isn’t new. It is widely known and accepted that a healthy relationship needs communication. You and your spouse should constantly be talking about everything under the sun. Talk about yourselves, talk about life, talk about your feelings, talk about the weather.

    What’s really interesting about communicating in a relationship is that, sometimes, you don’t know there is a bigger issue that needs to be discussed until you start talking about the smaller ones and let the conversation flow.
    When partners refuse to talk openly and honestly, about everything with each other or you don’t feel like you can, you might want to let them go and find a better fit. Long-term relationships are comfortable and often feel great. That said, though, they also need more than comfort to survive over the long haul, they need continued adventure. Adventure doesn’t have to mean big, fancy trips or jumping out of planes.
    Adventure can simply mean keeping up the sense of excitement you feel to wake up with your partner and spend the day with them. It can mean the exhilaration you feel at the prospect of a life together. You even become a stronger couple for it. If you don’t feel any sense of adventure in your relationship, it may not be the one for you forever.

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