Praise Kusi releases video for new single ‘Afro Magic’

praise kusi releases video for new single afro magic scaled

Afrobeat musician Praise Kusi has released a music video for his song new single titled, ‘Afro Magic’.

The video directed by 35MM Dream Films is a colourful piece that tells an in-depth story of love and how partners must treat each other.

In the song, Praise is expressive about his African love and his insatiable quest to always be with his queen.

Praise Kusi releases video for new single 'Afro Magic'

The video was shot in different locations in New York and California and blends the Western and African cultures.

“We wanted to create something different from the rest of my videos. We wanted to try things with colours, dresses and locations. So Afro Magic video is a very colour focused type of video,” he said when he explained the concept of the video.

Praise added, “I think viewers will love the visuals and the quality of the video, what I expect them to take from this video is a great representation of our culture after watching it.”

Praise was born in Ghana but raised in the US. He started music at a very tender age.

According to him, his dad who used to be in a musical group back in the days bought a piano for him and his siblings.

This got him listening to music every night before bedtime, explaining his love for music especially reggae, Afro and pop music.

Praise Kusi releases video for new single 'Afro Magic'

“Music became something that helped me to share whatever I wanted to. I’m very good with what I do and with the help of my team, I feel am motivated to do whatever it’s necessary. It hasn’t been easy but we are still motivated,” he indicated.

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